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If you use government funding for any construction project, whether it is for affordable housing, a park, street improvements, or a public facility, you are most likely going to need to navigate labor compliance regulations. These regulations have become more complicated over time with the introduction of new legislation and funding programs. Government agencies, housing developers, and nonprofits must understand these rules, which often overlap as multiple funding sources are layered to finance a project. With our team’s experience in government administration and housing development, Housing Tools has put together processes and systems that are easy to understand and implement, and set your project up for compliance success. We also have the in-house expertise to problem-solve and work through issues at any point in your project’s timeline.

Why Hire Housing Tools for Your Next Project?

We Know Public Funding Source Requirements

With deep experience in government administration and housing development, our team understands the challenges you face as you try to meet a multitude of federal and state regulations. We keep a pulse on these ever-changing rules and help you develop and implement a clear compliance strategy.

We Set Your Project Up For Success

Based on your project structure, we craft a customized compliance plan. A project kick-off meeting gets all team members on the same page. Then we provide all the relevant documents you will need, including bid and contract requirements, forms for setting up your Section 3 and Equal Employment Opportunity Plan, identification of the appropriate wage determinations, apprenticeship documentation, and assistance with requesting new job classifications.

We Implement Proven Systems For Consistent Tracking

Our experience has helped us put together systems that will help you easily document everything to ensure compliance. It starts with utilization of LCPtracker, which is a software that allows us to flag any payroll certification errors up-front upon entry into the software, and real-time reporting on a variety of metrics. We also provide forms that help you document Section 3 and MBE/WBE outreach and employment, including Section 3 certifications for subcontractors and employees. We maintain documentation throughout the life of the project, and package it in a final close-out report for you.

Who Do We Assist?

Affordable Housing Developers

We help you navigate the layering of federal and state requirements that are attached to various housing subsidies.

General Contractors

We handle labor compliance through the bid, contracting, construction, and close-out process to ensure you are meeting your obligations.

Government Agencies

We are familiar with federal CDBG and HOME regulations, as well as State of California regulations, as they pertain to labor compliance for the construction of public facilities, public works, and housing.

We Can Handle All Phases of Your Process

Initial Planning

Identify which requirements apply to your project; determine what documentation you need and when it needs to be prepared; create a plan for compliance.

Bid Phase

Establish applicable wage determination; set up Section 3 and Equal Employment Opportunity Plan, if applicable; inform bidders of requirements.

Contract Phase

Request new job classifications; ensure applicable requirements are incorporated into contracts.

Pre-Construction Phase

Facilitate pre-construction meeting with owner and contractors; document apprenticeships and new job classifications; LCPtracker setup and training.


Payroll certification review; site visits and worker interviews; monitoring and problem solving; monthly, bi-annual, and annual reports.


Final compliance review; final documentation report; close-out certification letter.

Our Proven Systems

Section 3 and Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

We have set up tracking sheets, form letters, and certifications to help you document outreach and employment of Section 3 subcontractors and workers, women-owned businesses, and minority-owned businesses, and women and minority workers.


We utilize LCPtracker, which is a cloud-based labor compliance management solution that facilitates submission and review of weekly payroll certifications, and tracks and reports on all aspects of labor compliance, including payrolls, Section 3 and MBE/WBE hiring, and apprenticeships. The system saves time by automatically checking for compliance with all applicable payroll requirements at the time each subcontractor submits their weekly payroll certification into the system.

Let us help you with your next project.