City of Salinas Project Homekey

As part of California’s response to its homelessness crisis and the COVID 19 pandemic, the State provided $600 million in grant funding to local public entities to purchase and rehabilitate housing, including hotels, motels, vacant apartment buildings, and other buildings and convert them into interim or permanent, long-term housing. Housing Tools provided Homekey project application services to the City of Salinas, resulting in an award of $9.2 million to acquire a hotel that will be converted to interim housing within 30 days and converted to permanent supportive housing in its second year.

2017 Butte CoC Point-In-Time Homelessness Report

Housing Tools provided staffing to the Butte County Homeless Continuum of Care in order to manage all aspects of the Point-In-Time (PIT) count and survey, including developing the PIT methodology, training volunteers, and oversight of data entry. We then analyzed the data collected from the surveys and prepared a comprehensive report depicting and explaining the PIT data.

Del Norte County Housing & Homelessness Analysis & Recommendations

This project was undertaken to prepare the County to apply for the No Place Like Home funding program and to support progress on the community’s efforts to address homelessness. Housing Tools facilitated community workshops and met with County officials to understand the key issues and concerns, analyzed sites to determine their feasibility for supportive housing and provided recommendations to guide the County on future steps to achieve the community’s vision of preventing and decreasing homelessness.